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The Dignified Movement is all about providing care and support services the way you want them.

Our carers and Support Managers are dedicated to supporting you to maintain your standard of living, enhancing your current circumstances, and improving the quality of your day-to-day life.

The Dignified Movement was founded by Janette Salmi after her personal experience finding quality care for her elderly aunt and uncle.  Addressing the challenges and experiences, Janette was called to “pay it forward”, to make that journey easier for others.

The Dignified Movement aims to change the care and support industry into a truly, client-centric sector. Our vision is for others to experience the dignity that Janette and her family were grateful to enjoy.

Dignified Home Care and Dignified Disability Care are part of The Dignified Movement.  Through these services, we offer in-home care and support to aged care clients and people living with a disability to achieve their goals and live their life, their way.

The Dignified Difference 

At Dignified, we know no two people are the same and it is our priority to carefully build you a team of carers that not only has the right set of skills to support you well, but also understands and aligns with your personality, culture and norms.

If you are at a po
int in your life where you need to make some big decisions about a loved one’s future, or your own, we will listen to you and hear you, and build a care team that best suits your family’s lifestyle, whether your needs are for extra support of 24/7 care. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, personalised care, ensuring our clients are treated with dignity, respect, are heard, and listened too. Our services begin with understanding your unique needs and ensuring our services are tailor-made to suit you and your family’s lifestyle and goals.

Along with in-home support, we also provide supports for access to your community to participate in activities and hobbies, and for appointments.  Our affordable in-home aged care services are also available for post-surgery recovery.

We believe in the importance of our clients’ independence, choice, and ability to be in their own environment and close to family.

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